Saturday, November 19, 2016

Millerstown Holiday Craft Show 2016

J & D Wood Crafts
“Why did I pick this lane?” I wanted to park so I could go to the Millerstown Holiday Craft Show in Millerstown, Pennsylvania, but found myself trapped in my car in front of the Greenwood Elementary School where the craft show is held. Read More
In front of me, a kind husband had arrived to pick up his wife’s large purchases of a shelf unit and a desk. He looked at me in an apologetic manner, as did his wife later. 

I reminded myself that the delay could have been God arranged. Who knows what trouble I missed because I sat there fifteen minutes?

Once I finally got inside, I found the crafts worth the wait. Right away, I spotted the man who my husband said to say hi to, John Pontius. I had to wait to talk to him because his stand, J & D Wood Crafts, had gathered so much attention. He makes detailed wooden toys, planes, trains, cars, tractors with trailers, and hobby horses.The man is an expert craftsman. When I could get near and convey my husband’s greeting, Mr. Pontius told me he once also made a logging truck for a fellow. 

At the end of the entrance way, I stopped to talk to Ted and Sandy Pennabaker at the Wings of Kindness stand. At this craft show, Wings of Kindness sells baked goods. This is just one of the fund raisers that they do to raise money to help kids. Mr. Pennabaker told me that someone just donated a truck load of booster seats which they gave to the local Head Start for their vans. I like that they help local kids, some of the very ones who I see from day to day as a substitute teacher. 

Next, I wandered past a woman with nature pictures on her table. I smiled, and she explained that she took all the pictures I saw there. Two really special ones, one of a buoy and another of sunset, she had imprinted on canvas. I bought a picture of rocks she took at Acadia National Park. She remarked that this is her first attempt sell her pictures. Her house has them all over the walls, and she thought others might like them too. I sure did.

Knits By Nay
Another woman, Renee Nankivell, had unique knitted items. Her card lists Millerstown as
her address and reveals her business as Knits By Nay. I especially liked her Christmas baby hat, but thought my little granddaughter might be already too big for it. The lamb ears on some full hoods caught my eye as well as the many other cute items.

I bought a barbecue sandwich to eat and talked to the man taking the money, Mr. Barnard, a teacher I substitute for sometimes. After leaving the craft show, I visited Stitch In Time Antique and Gift Mall. They had their Open House today too. All in all, I enjoyed the beautiful weather, the people, and the crafts. I can’t wait for the Spring Fling Craft Show in March. 

Here is the contact information for the vendors I mentioned:

J & D Wood Crafts, John and Dorothy Pontius, 717-535-5625  He will be at Christmas in the Park in Richfield, Pennsylvania, next Saturday, November 26, 2016.
Knits By Nay, Renee Nankivell, 717-275-2089, Knits By Nay facebook page,
Wings of Kindness, Wings of Kindness facebook page

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