Friday, March 27, 2015

Stitch in Time Antique and Gift Mall

Entering the large brick building now labeled Stitch in Time Antique and Gift Mall in Millerstown, Pennsylvania, I imagined this space as it must have looked years ago. I saw a large open room with rows of sewing machines. A woman sat at each one, her head bent over her work. One section of the room would have had read more

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Millerstown Spring Fling Craft Show

This past week at school, I noticed a caricature of the teacher I was substituting for. Hmm, I’d like to do that, I thought to myself. On Saturday, I got my chance. Millerstown Community Success, Inc. again had a craft show. This one they called a Spring Fling Craft Show.

Being a little more eager this time, I arrived right after the starting time of 8 o’clock. On the porch of the school I found read more

Friday, March 13, 2015

Teaching Pennsylvania History: Part 5: Major Events

Temper this section of Pennsylvania history with Bible study time about our security in Christ, God’s provision for his people, and disaster readiness (staying close to God, his word, and his people).

Activities Students Can Do About Each Event: read more

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Teaching Pennsylvania History: Part 4: State Symbols

Bingo Board

Another way I teach about Pennsylvania is through the symbols for the state. Do your children know that these had to go through legislative channels to be chosen? One class had an especially good lesson on the process as they were instrumental in having a state insect chosen! read more

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Teaching Pennsylvania History: Part 3: Native Americans

Different things students can do:

  • Look up pictures of Native Americans by these artists: Robert Griffing, John Buxton, Jack Paluk, and Andrew Knez Jr.
  • Read one of the novels about captivity among the Indians. (Captives: Mary Jemison, Catharine Carey, Regina Hartman)
  • Read accounts by early travelers, settlers, or missionaries who wrote about the Indians: Jesuit missionaries, Moravians, David Zeisburger, Conrad Weiser, John Heckewelder, and David Brainerd.
  • Make a timeline about the historical events
  • Visit local landmarks. Add local dates to timeline.
  • Make a list of names from your area that came from Indian names.
  • Visit the Harrisburg State Museum Indian exhibit. read more