Saturday, March 12, 2016

Pennsylvania Products

Snow and Ice

My most interesting find at this year’s Millerstown Spring Fling Craft Show read more
involved recycling and dying.  The booth, Luminous Nature, owned by Marcia LaBant from Liverpool, Pennsylvania excited me. The colors and designs in her scarves, pillows, and clothing are truly unique and, in fact, each one of a kind. The technique she uses requires layering fabric, snow, ice, and dye. This dying process produces beautiful muted colors. Marcia’s friends began to ask her to dye their stained blouses which gave Marcia the idea to combine her dye work with gently used clothing.
More about Luminous NatureFacebook
Fleece to Fashion

John Swartz manned a booth, but said he does it for his school buddy, Glen Cauffman. Mr. Swartz had many interesting things to tell me about the angora goats that Mr. Cauffman raises. For one thing, their hair grows an average of an inch every month. The farm will start shearing their goats in about two weeks. The resulting mohair will be shipped to Reading, made into yarn, and knitted into the wonderful socks, hats, and gloves, which the table offered for sale.

The attributes of the mohair socks seemed incredible but verified by Mr. Swartz who personally had tried them. He told me that you can hike all day with these socks on your feet and never get blisters. They are also very helpful to diabetics to control the tingling in their feet. He recommended the fingerless gloves for people’s arthritic hands while holding a fishing rod.  PureAmericanNaturals

Arts in Vinyl

Another unique craft vendor, Catherine Creigh, sat surrounded by glassware and signs. I asked her about her technique, and she told me that she uses a Cricut cutter to make vinyl stickers to create her products. Her service has supplies favors for an assortment of parties including baby showers and weddings. She even carefully packs and ships her glassware to long distance customers. Catherine's Arts n Vinyls


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