Thursday, March 19, 2015

Millerstown Spring Fling Craft Show

This past week at school, I noticed a caricature of the teacher I was substituting for. Hmm, I’d like to do that, I thought to myself. On Saturday, I got my chance. Millerstown Community Success, Inc. again had a craft show. This one they called a Spring Fling Craft Show.

Being a little more eager this time, I arrived right after the starting time of 8 o’clock. On the porch of the school I found read more
nicely done reclaimed furniture and again, a popcorn stand. T-shirts were still being sold between the outside door and inside door. The jewelry stands, too, stood right inside the doors. I saw another pair of beautiful turquoise stone earrings like I got my daughter-in-law for Christmas. After that I noticed lots of new things.

The Spring Fling is about half the size of the Christmas Craft Show, but unique in its offerings. Over half of the vendors seemed to be new or just offering different merchandise.

Like boot stuffers! Hanging from a rod, a multitude of fat pillow-like wads fastened together at the top danced in every color imaginable. They fit the high topped boots that everyone is wearing with the skinny pants. Hmm! Do my boots need them? I asked myself.

The next booth that really caught my eye had doll houses, built simply, but cute. The dolls to go with them reminded me of the Fisher Price peg-like dolls that our children played with. I could have bought various different colors or characters, but I choose two Supermen to stuff in the large eggs we hide for our grandchildren at Easter.

I stopped at the Wings of Kindness booth to say hi to the Pennabakers and bought some chicken barbecue tickets for the future. After that, a pleasant man at the PP&L table gave me a pamphlet about rebates on energy efficient appliances.

The stand inside the next room had an assortment of things, but the inexpensive green vases attracted my attention. They matched the table cloth I have on my table right now so I bought one of them.

Tiffany & Angie
In the next aisle, I saw another familiar face. Angie Reinford, a friend of my daughter, had her chalk art plaques displayed with jewelry made by her friend Tiffany Mast. The two had set up a beautiful display with a little help from Kiersta Meiser.

LovebyLO Jewelry
After snapping a few pictures, I spotted the caricature artist and spoke briefly to him 

A husband and wife team of artists from Liverpool displayed some beautiful wares. Judy Bouder stood beside her J. Bees original pressed flower pictures while on the other side her husband Toby showed his wooden masterpieces.

Steve Keaton, an excellent potter, had a nice variety of pottery. He has his own shop in Elliotsburg. I may have to venture up there someday.

Having toured the entire show, I headed back to the artist with whom I had arranged a sitting. After getting seated a little nervously, I managed a conversation as he drew me. Turns out, he was homeschooled! He said he used to do caricatures at Hershey Park but didn't like the high pressure sales.

I hope Millerstown has these craft shows for many more years. They are wonderful!


Some of the mentioned vendors’ web addresses or emails

Angie Reinford chalk board art

Carla Zimmerman peg dolls and doll houses

J. Bees pressed flower pictures

S. Keaton pottery

Tiffany Mast jewelry

Toby Bouder woodturning

Trevor Schubert art

Wings of Kindness

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