Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Millerstown Holiday Craft Show 2015

To be honest, I’m addicted. I love the Millerstown, PA, craft shows. This one did not disappoint me. I got to meet some new people, catch up with some old friends, and enjoy the wonderful crafts displayed. One thing I noticed this year...
about the vendors, many are mother and daughter, husband and wife, or grandparent and granddaughter. I think crafting and selling is a nice way for family members to spend time together.

Tiffany Potteiger
I picked out three tables to share with you. First of all, is Tiffany’s Paper Art by Tiffany Potteiger and her mother, Karen Alleman. Tiffany said she began making cards, and now her mother does too. Tiffany is also expanding into some exquisite canvas art. Tiffany’s Paper Art is also for sale at the Perry County Council of the Arts Gallery at 1 S 2nd St, Newport, PA.

The next artists are also a mother and daughter team, Cindy and Danielle Linville. Although their display looked professional, they confessed that this was their first show. I think we will see more of them in the future. I taught Cindy’s basket pattern back in the 70s to 4H crafters, but haven’t seen much of it since then. Hers are wonderful! In addition, are Cindy’s unique clothes pin dolls, sure to please any little girl. I didn’t see anyone else offering handmade little girl’s dresses or the now popular sewn diapers like Danielle makes. You can find Danielle’s diapers and dresses on:

Cindy Linville's Baskets and Clothespin Dolls
Danielle's Baby Diaper on left front.

A young girl caught up to me in one of the aisles because she recognized me as one of her substitute teachers. She came to the craft show to help her grandpa Francis Ranck from Thompsontown with his wood art booth. Mr. Ranck a former carpenter now spends his retirement using a wood lathe to made decorative pieces: eggs, ornaments, necklaces, spinners, and more. Look for him at other craft shows. He said he attended six so far this year. 

Many of the people that I wrote about in the past were there again. Check them out on my past blogs.


  1. I didn't know that you were crafty, at all. Tabitha is, but that comes from Tom's side of the family. I wish I were. I like to do things with my hands, but I even struggle with some of the preschool crafts for my grandchildren, at times. Yes, it's that bad!

    1. I used to have many ongoing craft projects, but had to stop when I had trouble with my eyes and wrists. Instead, I became interested in writing. Typing never hurt my wrists. Even though God healed both ailments, I never went back to my full involvement with crafts. I believe he allowed the ailments to redirect and refine me.

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    1. Thanks for the encouragement. The essay service is a great idea, matching those who love to write with those who don't.