Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Millerstown Holiday Craft Show

For years, I have read in the paper about the Millerstown Craft Show held in Greenwood Elementary School. This November, I finally got there.

From the outside, I could tell that it is a huge event even if I hadn’t read in the paper Read More
that 100 vendors took part. The amount of cars in the parking lot amazed me. Then the popcorn stand outside took my eye. Beside it I noticed hand-knitted scarves and free-standing banners.

Upon entering, I first spied the jewelry table in one corner and then passed by some handmade placemats made by an elderly woman. The wooden stand up figures made by Yoder’s Tees & More from Belleville, PA, drew me. I purchased a Mary and Joseph for outside my door.

Oil paintings hung right beside the entrance to the first hallway. Other hand painted items sat to the right. One of my favorite stands had small items with unique sayings like the bubble wrap tied with a bow that said it was to relieve stress. I bought one of their Frosty Light pins, a snowman with a LCD light nose, made by Stampin’ Up! demonstrator Judy Haubert.

Darryl and Lindsay Myers
Fallen Timber Woodworking
I stopped by a booth of some acquaintances of mine from Thompsontown, Lindsay and Darryl Myers. Darryl gathers driftwood from Pennsylvania from along creeks and river banks. Taking it back to his woodshop, he fashions it into beautiful picture frames. 
 Another stand that interested me, set up by Christine Miller from Carlisle, uses antique-type items  that she remakes into decorative pieces for the home.

Last of all, I need to tell you about Sandy’s Baby Stuff. What a nice name! I loved the quilts, drag-around blankets, burp cloths, and tiny knit hats.  

By talking to one of the organizers, I found out that this event benefits the town itself. Volunteers who call themselves Millerstown Community Success, Inc. ( MCSI) hold this craft show and another in March to raise money to beautify and improve the town in various ways. Among their many projects, they encourage local people who fix up their private residences by presenting them with Beautification and Improvement Certificates. 

Keep checking the website for the date of the next Millerstown Craft Show. Visit and enjoy. You will be glad you did.
Christine Miller's Stand

Sandy's Baby Stuff