Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Pennsylvania State Parks: Presque Isle

Five years ago, our family rented a house with a view of Lake Erie. This large body of water bordering Pennsylvania is amazing. Huge ships travel its expanse. Nearby our rented house...
smaller boats rested in a marina.

We visited Presque Isle State Park located on a peninsula jutting out into Lake Erie. We stopped, parked, and walked to the Presque Isle Lighthouse. Getting back into the car we drove to the end of the peninsula where we inspected a monument in memory of Commander Oliver Perry. Surrounding the monument are very interesting plaques telling about the Battle of Lake Erie. You can read that story here: The Niagara

At the time, I had no idea that someday I would be writing a blog so the pictures I took centered more on the people with me than the park. We got to know our prospective son-in-law better during that time. Yes, I agree, they do look like they're in love in these pictures. They still are! They married the next year and now have a baby girl.


  1. Presque Isle is a place that is dear to me. I went to college at Mercyhurst, so I often visited there in college. It's also where Dean proposed to me! (right next to some dead fish) Janel

    1. Even with dead fish around, it is a romantic spot. I don't think I will ever think about it again without remembering you two. :)