Monday, June 30, 2014

Why Homeschool? (Part II)

4. Sibling love. My husband and I both had siblings that teased and taunted. We determined from the start that we would not let our children do that. The road was not always easy. Each of our children went through times of not getting along with a brother or sister. Sometimes we had to keep them apart for a time, but I believe more sibling love is fostered in a homeschool situation than not.

5. More time together.  I cherished the increased time I got to spend with my children as did my husband. We had time to talk. Our children had time to question. We had time to work on disagreements. We had time to have fun together.

6. Learn to think for themselves. We maintained a discipline in our home by teaching what was expected, and explaining what would happened if what we expected was not carried out. This kind of discipline fosters security which allows a child the framework to think for themselves. Peer pressure is not such a factor.

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