Friday, June 27, 2014

Why Homeschool? (Part I)

1. Pass on your values. The number one reason of the parents who stick with homeschooling is that they want to pass on their values. Although not the only way, one of the best ways to disciple is to homeschool. Young children learn mostly by imitating. Until they reach the age of being able to think and reason for themselves, they learn by seeing and copying adult behavior. Older children can reason but are still prone to peer pressure, wrong ideas planted in their hearts, and wrong influences by the people who care for them. Homeschooling gives them the right kind of start. They need to hear what is true and right from the beginning and have it reinforced for quite a while before it settles in their hearts.

2. Family Unity. Having time to spend together is such a gift. When you spend a great deal of time together, a parent can’t blame a child’s misbehavior on anyone else but themselves. I know that there are very difficult children out there. I know that a parent needs a break sometimes, but finding solutions for disunity is a lot easier when you have the time to give to it. Homeschooling gives time to work out differences and love each other.

3. Ability to get along with any age. If there is one thing that sets homeschooled children apart, it is their ability to talk to any age, care about babies, young children and old people. They don’t have to be with peers to be comfortable. I see homeschool teens as much more social then the typical high school student now days. Homeschooled students look you in the eye when they talk. Most give more than a one word answer, and they don’t have to be surrounded by kids their own age to be comfortable. Isn’t that what life is really about? Isn’t it more important that they get along with their future families than whole herds of peers?

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  1. Sweet ! Love History and Reenactment to. We homeschool this is my 25th year this fall. Still have 3 of my 7 at home. Faith 11, Hope 10 and Daniel 6 ! I have a website for book and product reviews and We are born again christians.
    Linda Finn