Friday, June 20, 2014

Some Thoughts from a Homeschool Mother

This past May I finished 20 years which I have devoted to the education of our four children.

Here are a few of my thoughts:

Yippee! I am glad to be done!

I am so happy that I did this.

The results so far have been worth the effort. Our main purpose in homeschooling has been to produce godly offspring. All four are believers, devoted to Christ, attending church, and growing in faith. Thank you, Lord.

I wish more people would consider this option, but I understand why more don’t. You have to be willing to be a loner at times. For me, it took a lot of faith. No one else in my family had ever done this. I taught, trusting God for the results.

Here are a few scenes from over the years:

Suzanne, at about age seven, lying on the seat of the sofa with her legs up in the air against the back. Hard to describe, but what a memory! I remember being astonished at her position while I read to her, but how typical of her. She needed to move, feel things, do things. That is how she learned best.  She is now a wife to a superb carpenter and loves to garden, plan parties, and socialize with her friends. She works as a landscaper, takes photos, and travels for a textbook company as a part time buyer.

Tad, getting up each morning, parking himself on the sofa, and staying there until his school work was finished.  Tad is married, works as a mechanic in a Chevy dealership, and just bought a house.

Little Matt, at the time, (now he is six ft.) listening intently as I read to the two oldest. Later, when I asked questions, this three year old would know most of the answers! Matt is still undecided about his life work. He picks up odd jobs and leads a Bible study. His current spiritual growth is such a joy to us.

Ben—oh, Ben, my graduate. Sometimes, I thought I would go crazy with the amount of breaks from school he needed. But he has made it to graduation, and I so love the man he has become. Ben is going to work this summer at a camp. After that, he wants to try some different jobs before deciding on a life career.

How proud we are of all of them!

Now I am ready to do something else.

Homeschooling, easy? No way, but so worthwhile.

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  1. Great post, Sandy. My, how time flies. I love the last picture. That is a keeper for every family member.