Wednesday, June 18, 2014

PA Memories by Lisa Godfrees

Lisa responded first to my request for stories about Pennsylvania, and I’m glad she did. Such a good time I have had, reading her blog and getting to know her in cyberland. Lisa’s life experiences and her direction that she has chosen fascinates me.

Briefly, she worked as a forensic scientist, gave it up to concentrate more on her family, loves to learn, loves to read, and loves to write! She is concentrating on YA Fiction and recently visited Pennsylvania for a Realm Makers conference. Here is her memory of our beautiful state:

The most beautiful place I have visited in PA is Bushkill Falls. The family and I went there two weeks ago, and it is such a wonderful place. The waterfalls are magnificent, as are all the wooden walkways that frame the falls to make them accessible to visitors. And the trees--so many different colors of green! It's one place I will visit each time I'm in the area. I will never get tired of the roar of the water in the majesty of nature!

Bushkill Falls is in Northeastern Pennsylvania east of Wilkes Barre and north of Philadelphia.

Lisa's books:
Mike Lynch's No Revolution is Too Big - Vol. 9 - A Sirius Revolution
Colony Zero - Vol. 1 - Contact

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