Monday, October 26, 2015

Pennsylvania State Parks: Reeds Gap

Reeds Gap is one of those homey, local parks that people use to have family gatherings. On the way to the park read more
the towering, soldier-at-attention straight pine trees captured my attention. They are so close the road that I had to lean toward the car window to look to the tops of them. Once in the park, the woods, ferns, mossy rocks, and small stream are its best features.  The thick woods provides a good cool place for summer picnics. The small stream adds to the atmosphere.

The history of this park is interesting. The name came from Edward and Nancy Reed who used to own a sawmill here in the mid-1800s. The state purchased the land after lumbering had depleted the trees. You wouldn’t know it now. The place now has lots of trees.

In 1930, entrepreneurs used the cool water of the stream to keep soda pop cool so they could sell the bottles to the locals. The cost? Five cents each! Soon after that, the Civilian Conservation Corps worked on improving the park.

Go to Reeds Gap State Park and take advantage of the picnic tables, pavilions, playground, and tenting campground for a family get-together.

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