Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Pennsylvania State Parks: Bald Eagle

Water, water, water. The lake at Bald Eagle State Park dominates everything, 1,730 acres of it. The park itself has 5,900 acres of land. The day we visited read more
no motor boats traversed the lake. The tranquil water only held beautiful sail boats gliding along gracefully.

At the main marina, families sat in lawn chairs watching the water while their children played at a nice playground right next to them. My husband and I walked to a point of land jutting out into the water beyond the picnickers. There we spied two women, each fishing with a child. 

See the Fisherwomen
with their Children?

The Nature Inn
We found The Nature Inn that I had read about before this trip. Bald Eagle is the only Pennsylvania state
park that offers a hotel within its boundaries. Even the inn focuses on the water from its high vantage point on the side of the hill. Reading about it, I did find myself impressed that it uses green building technologies.

My husband kept asking what those posts were sticking up here and there. As we were driving, I always seem to miss what he saw. Finally, he stopped at one. Bird houses with round metal discs under them to keep predators out. Why didn’t he figure that out? Oh, well, he was supposed to be watching the road, after all. The park brochure tells the reason for the bird houses. The park is a wonderful place for bird watching. Birds do like water, you know.

A drive to Bald Eagle is worth the trouble. We liked the autumn setting of peacefulness, but I’m sure other times of the year would also be great. 

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