Friday, December 5, 2014

Pennsylvania Christmas Bazaars

Heirloom Baby Set
Purchased at a Bazaar
In our area there are numerous church bazaars. One benefit of attending is to obtain gifts for Christmas, but a more important service is supporting the work of a church in advancing God’s kingdom.

My first experience with Christmas bazaars read more
happened as a young newlywed. The church we attended held a Christmas bazaar every year to raise money for the church. I remember the elderly lady who always crocheted beautiful baby sweaters, hats, and blankets. In fact, I received a set of them from another woman in the church when our first child was born. Christmas ornaments abounded in that time. I still have the tiny babes in walnut shell cradles, crocheted stars, and other homemade ornaments that I purchased during that era. Things purchased at bazaars aren't just gifts, they become heirlooms, too.

A Lap Quilt
Made by Iva Book
The current connection I have with a bazaar is finding backing, batting, and fabric for my mother who at 89 still loves to sew for a bazaar. She and many other ladies at the church do such work year round as they make blankets for overseas missions to give away. At Christmas time though, she adds to her regular church work by stitching lap quilts to sell at the St. Stephens Lutheran Church Bazaar.  Here is one of my lap quilts that my mother made if you are interested in attending and want to know what they are like. They are perfect for covering on a cold winter night or as a gift to your loved one in the nursing home.

Casserole Carrier
by Don Bratton
 Last year, I purchased this handy casserole carrier made by Don Bratton. Wooden, it is just right to fill up when I attend our evening Bible study to take along a salad and dressings.

My mother’s lap quilts alone are worth a trip to St. Stephens, but you will find many more things. The things advertised to be there this year are cookie trays, homemade food, and crafts. You can eat in or take out. Make it a day and check it out tomorrow, December 6, from 8:00 to 1:00. The church address is 8489 Licking Creek Road, Mifflintown, Pa.


  1. My old church in Effort PA used to have a White Elephant sale along with the handmade goods. Throughout the year, we'd put aside item to take to that event... calling it our 'bizarre' items. Even at the age of around 6, my son would hold up a toy & ask, " does this look like a bizarre item?". Wonderful memories!

    1. Thanks for sharing to allow us to enjoy your memories too.