Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas in the Park

 A Cinderella carriage is probably the most unique feature of the Richfield Christmas event.  Two beautiful horses pull a white wrought iron carriage around the park with riders. Enchanting! read more

This event is as big as the Millerstown craft show but has less craft tables, more food venders, and more space. The disadvantage is that one may have to brave the weather be it cold or rainy or even snowing as it was this past Saturday. Although I missed him, Santa was to arrive at noon so snow flurries would have been a fitting backdrop. The other difference is the entertainment provided all day by church and school groups.

My visit here also became different because I knew more people and stopped to chat. That’s the way it is in small town celebrations. Not only do you get to buy Christmas gifts, eat food, and be entertained, you get to socialize with neighbors and friends.

In between visits, I found an outstanding vendor presentation set up by Brenda Kennedy, owner of Chelseas Corner and resident of York, Pennsylvania. Her two tables held a variety of beautiful gifts, many wooden, but interspaced throughout, adorable stuffed snowmen. What an artistic woman, not only with her individual crafts, but with the way she choose to display them!

Another booth that really drew my eye held framed prints. Not at all like his business title suggests, owner Donald Benner explained his wares to me. He searches all over for gorgeous prints and, likewise, for frames to enhance them. He has a super ability to find pictures that anyone would be proud to have on their walls, and he offers them at affordable prices. He specializes in nature prints as evidenced by his business name, Fowl Mood Framing. Look for him at other shows or email him at to find out where he will be. 
Having pondered all the wares, I felt beckoned to the food stands. My friend Julie chose an item from a Methodist church stand so I decided to try it, too. We enjoyed a pleasant meal together eating delicious chili contained in wonderful bread bowl.

One more highlight of my visit, I have to mention. As I arrived at one of the entertainment spots, Mountain View Community Church began presenting their addition to the day. A man dressed as Joseph with a woman portraying Mary stood by another man who spoke familiar words through a loud speaker, “Now in those days a decree went out from Caesar Augustus…” Yes, here too, I found the true meaning of Christmas shining forth in a small town Christmas celebration, Christmas in the Park.


  1. In all of the years I've lived here, I've never gone to this event. Probably mostly because I don't enjoy outdoor activities in the cold (or hot weather, for that matter).

    1. I understand, but I will say that the chili tasted even better on a cold day!