Monday, October 20, 2014

PA State Parks: Sand Bridge

I've always liked miniatures. As a child, I spent hours building doll house furniture from spools, Jell-O boxes, tiny gift boxes, and other foraged items. Now an adult, I pour over books about famous doll residences.

This past weekend, a different kind of miniature garnered my affection read more
Pennsylvania Sand Bridge State Park. A total of three acres, this beautiful little picnic area is on Buffalo Road before reaching Raymond B. Winter State Park. When my husband and I stopped, two Mennonite ladies sitting side-by-side sharing secrets added to its enchantment. They seemed to complete the picture like miniature dolls in a doll house.

Near the ladies rose a nice wooden pavilion. We wandered past it and then the ladies, feeling a little invasive to their special time. Beyond stretched a bridge to another pavilion. Stopping on the bridge, we found a spectacular view of a like-wise tiny waterfall glistening in the sunshine.

My eyes filled the memorable scenes, I moseyed back to the car but stopped to examine the partially fenced in area enclosing a horseshoe pit. Two stakes climbed twelve inches out of the ground. I envisioned horseshoes flying through the air landing with a clang as metal hit metal. A sport from yesteryear.

What a nice place to visit for a special day! If my children were still young, I would make up a list of nature items for a scavenger hunt, pack a picnic lunch, and enjoy this miniature state park again.

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