Tuesday, October 7, 2014

PA State Parks: Cook Forest

Sometimes, scheming plays a part in making something wonderful. On a vacation to Erie, I found a wonderful book at a local library. Yes, I go to libraries on vacation. They are delightful places. The book, Cook Forest: An Island in Time, told of determined men who wanted to preserve a forest of virgin timber. To do so, they needed to raise money to buy and to maintain it. The men found ways read more to take rich people on a road through the woods, sometimes telling them what they wanted and sometimes not. On the times that they did not tell them, they would pretend to break down so that the visitors had to walk back through the beautiful forest. The men raised their money, and Cook Forest State Park became a reality. I am so glad they did. Look at these pictures I took there.

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  1. We may have been in this state park. I know we were in this area on vacation one summer and state parks are our favorite haunts.