Friday, October 24, 2014

PA Auctions: The Crawfords

He married her after serving in World War II. She must have valued his service to his country because she kept so many of his awards and treasures from being a Navy captain: patches, hat bands, pins, and even furniture with metal plaques signifying who gave it to him and where. Their names were Robert E. and Jeanne Crawford. They lived read more
all over the world said the sale bill. Japan must have been one of those places as evidenced by the Samurai warrior doll, the rice cooker, and the other Oriental pieces.

Yes, I've been to another auction. (See my April 3, 2014 blog.) I read auction ads in the local paper all the time, but rarely take the time to sit at one all day. When I read about this one, I decided to treat myself and a treat it was.

I love investigative research, and that’s what I did at this sale. The yearbooks interested me, for one thing. I figured his picture as a young man would be there, and there it was on the tennis team page. They referred to him a stand-out and an ace. I imagine a beautiful young girl captivated by the handsome tennis-playing Annapolis school graduate but having to wait until the war is over to marry him.

She loved paintings, Oriental pieces, and fine furniture.  The most unique item was her turtle collection.  I wonder what started her down the road that ended in over 200 pieces. Not only collecting interested this lady but creating too. One sale table spilled over with art supplies for stamping, oil painting, beadwork, and needlework.

My personal favorite was the set of antique umbrellas with beautiful decorative handles. Other people also seemed to appreciate the Crawford’s things because the things brought good prices.  


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