Monday, June 15, 2015

Children’s Book Fun-Grades 5-6

Bly, Stephen. Nathan T. Riggins Western Adventure series. Youth can immerse themselves in the culture of the old west in these cowboy novels. Descriptions of each of these books are at

Bly, Stephen. Lewis and Clark Squad series. This series set in modern day times features a basketball team who works together on the court and off of the court. Mr. Bly is our family’s favorite author, and this was our absolute favorite read-aloud. Read the titles of each book at more

Clements, Andrew. Frindle.  In this unique story, a school boy makes up word, gets in trouble, but learns a lot. What inspired the author to write this book is related at

Eckert, Allan W. Incident at Hawk’s Hill. Mr. Eckert weaves a fascinating tale about a little boy who is adopted by a badger. Visit the Amazon page at

Elmer, Robert. Adventures Down Under series Anyone who is interested in Australia will like this Australian adventure series. Mr. Elmer has also written some quality World War II historical fiction. The Young Underground series

George, Jean Craighead. My Side of the Mountain and On the Far Side of the Mountain. These are well written nature stories centering on a youth who lives in the woods and figures out how to take care of himself. Vulpes: The Red Fox. Mrs. George is a master with nature details in this story of a fox pup’s world. Look at videos of the author speaking about her books at

Hubler, Marsha. Keystone Stables series.  These books for horse lovers also give some insight into a foster family’s challenges. Descriptions of each book are at

Kjelgaard, Jim. Big Red. This classic book is the story of a strong friendship between a youth and a dog. Read some excellent free stories by the author on his website at

Lewis, Beverly, Summerhill Secrets series. Best known for her adult Amish fiction, Mrs. Lewis also wrote a quality teen series about the Amish life. You can find some Amish recipes from the author at

Morris, Gilbert. Bonnets and Bugles series. Another prolific writer who has written numerous historical fiction series wrote a Civil War series for youth. Read an author interview at

North, Sterling. Rascal. What a delightful story Mr. North wrote about a pet raccoon!  See the high chair that Rascal sat in at and read about the popularity of Rascal in Japan!

Seldon, George. The Cricket in Times Square books. This book is a take-off from the Country Mouse and the City Mouse except the country cricket meets the city cat and mouse. Free Study Guide.

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  1. Sandy: Thanks so very much for including Stephen Bly's Nathan T. Riggins Western Adventure Series and the Lewis & Clark Squad Series on this list! Greatly appreciated!
    Blessings, Janet