Friday, June 12, 2015

Children’s Book Fun-Grades 1-4

During the time when we were homeschooling, our family read many books together. Here are a few of our favorites. For more fun, I’ve included some links. read more

First and Second Grade 

Davis, Tim. Mice of the Seven Seas series. This is a series that feature mice that travel the ocean and encounter pirate-type cats. Free Worksheets to go with books are available on the Bob Jones Press website. Free Activity Sheets

dePaola, Tommie. Pancakes for Breakfast. This wordless book is so much fun. Be sure to make pancakes after reading it! A blog writer tried the recipe in the book and came up with this one instead,

Peet, Bill. Huge Harold  and Capyboppy. Bill Peet is a prolific author, but these two were our favorites. Huge Harold is a heartwarming tale about an oversized rabbit, and Capyboppy is a true story about the Peet family’s humorous adventures with their pet capybara. Check out this author’s online autobiography at'sstory.htm.

 Third and Fourth Grade

Erickson, John. Hank the Cowdog series.  These books are the adventures of a dog who lives on a ranch and considers himself the head of security! Online games that use the characters from the books are at

George, Jean Craighead. The Owl in the Shower.  A nature writer tells about her pet owl. (Jean Craighead George has a format for writing your own book on her website,

Myers, Bill, My Life as… series. The fast action hilarious adventures of Wally McDoogle shouldn’t be missed. I counted 28 in this series on this Bill Myers website,

Murphy, Espeth Campbell. Three Cousin Detective Club series. Mrs. Murphy writes wonderful mysteries which respect the innocence of childhood. The 30 in this series are listed at

Shalant, Phyllis. Bartleby of the Mighty Mississippi. A pet turtle’s owner accidently turns him loose in a pond where he has a surprising encounter. A wonderful guide to this book can be found at

Smith, Dick King. The Cuckoo Child. This unusual pet book is about raising an ostrich.  Don’t miss the nicely illustrated biography of the author at

Warner, Gertrude Chandler. The Boxcar Children series.  A longtime favorite series relates the activities of a family of orphans who take up residence in a train boxcar and become self-reliant.  Free activity sheets can be found at

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