Monday, September 15, 2014

Interview with Matthew Sieber: Homeschool Graduate

What did you like best about being homeschooled?

There is a lot I could say like freedom, efficiency, time with family, free time, and lots more. To pick just one thing, I would say the fact that I wasn’t stuck in a classroom throughout the day.

I don’t know if I want to hear your answer to this, but what didn’t you like? Read More

I never enjoyed the conflict it created between you and my siblings. Also, I think because I wasn’t forced into contact with other children and adults, it took longer for me to become comfortable with strangers.

Mmm, maybe we should talk more about this later. I know I didn’t always handle everything perfectly, but I was always thankful for your compliant nature. It was a breath of fresh air. Let’s go on. What do you consider unique about our homeschool?

One thing was that we had such easy access to nature which was a big part of my learning experience. Also, the fact that you had prior experience and an immense passion for learning and teaching made a difference.

What are you doing now, and how did being homeschooled help prepare you for it?

I’m currently working as an apprentice electrician. Homeschooling taught me how to monitor my work ethic so that regardless of reward I understand that I control my own success at this job.

If you would homeschool your children, what would you do differently?

I have no idea! Homeschooling is highly rewarding, but also a lot of work because every child is different. I can’t pretend to know now what would be best for my future children.

Do you have any advice for homeschool mothers?

Pray as often as you can. Be firm. Remember that the easiest way for your child to learn is for them to enjoy what they are learning. 

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  1. Sandy, it's interesting to hear from your son. I am sure you are proud of him! Thanks for sharing this with us.