Monday, July 7, 2014

Why Homeschool? (Part III)

8. Academic Achievement: Homeschooled students do well academically by scoring on the average of the 80th percentile on achievement tests. You know what that means? Half of homeschooled students score above the 80th percentile! Colleges recognize that home educated students are a good thing. Homeschooled teens already know how to study on their own and the majority excel in college.

9. Safety: With the rise in school shootings, many parents feel that their children will be safer at home. Public schools themselves are acknowledging the psychological abuse that can happen in classrooms with their anti-bullying programs. Then there is also the increased peer pressure for drugs, drink, and sex within school walls.

10. Special Needs Children: There are many wonderful people in this world who work wonders with special needs children, but often classes have too many kids to handle or one child causes so much trouble that the others end up with less attention. Sometimes homeschooling is best for a special needs child. Parents who have already dealt with their child’s problem for five years know him and may be wiser about what he/she needs.

11. Extra Bright Children:  I have seen excellent results from very intelligent children being homeschooled. They are allowed to progress at their own rate. There is no waiting for others to finish. They have time to do lots of reading. They develop lifetime interests and get a head start on their future career. Many take AP Courses. AP stands for Advanced Placement which are college level courses offered to high school students.

12. Schedule Conflicts:  Men who work shift work may not be home in the the evenings with their children. Young children especially need time with daddies. Homeschooling can give them that time since school can be shifted to a different time of the day or different days of the week. 


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