Thursday, July 17, 2014

PA Memories: Ricketts Glen State Park by Marsha Hubler

As a life-time resident of Pennsylvania, I could mention any of numerous tourist attractions, museums, and nature spots in our beautiful state, which I’ve visited over the years. One of my favorite places in the whole world is Ricketts Glen State Park on Route 487 near Benton. I have fond memories of my parents taking me there when I was a child and walking the three-mile hike up the falls trail. We also swam in Lake Jean at the top of the mountain and had picnics in the beautiful woods adjoining the lake. Years later, my hubby and I took five foster girls and teen students in our Christian school there on different occasions to hike the falls and enjoy picnics as well.

I love that little part of God’s creation so much that I wrote a scene in SUMMER CAMP ADVENTURE, book four in THE KEYSTONE STABLES SERIES, with Ricketts Glen as the background. Although I didn’t use the same name, I used the description of the highest falls (94 feet) at the state park.

          Ricketts Glen State Park is truly a beautiful chunk of nature that everyone should enjoy at least once.

            Marsha Hubler, author of the best-selling Keystone Stables Series from Zonderkidz, lives in central PA with her husband and two dogs. She has a master’s degree in education, over 40 years experience with children of all ages, and presently works with homeschoolers in her home office.

            Her latest published works, THE LOVES OF SNYDER COUNTY SERIES and THE SNYDER COUNTY QUILTING BEE SERIES 2 SHORT STORIES, Amish/Mennonite fiction romance by Helping Hands Press, was created out of Marsha’s friendship with many Plain Folk who live in Snyder County.

            On the side, Marsha serves as acquisitions editor for Helping Hands Press. She’s always looking for excellent writing in fiction for tweens and older, Easter stories, and curriculum on all grade levels for the Helping Hands Supplemental Educational Division.

           A frequent speaker at writers’ conferences, she has a passion to help beginning writers get their work primed for publication.

            Visit Marsha at her website, and her blog that features writers’ tips for all genres and Amish and Mennonite traditions:

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