Thursday, August 31, 2017

Williams Grove Historical Steam Engine Show

We took our grandson to his Dillsburg home and noticed a sign nearby that said Read More
steam tractors, Williams Grove. Less than a mile away, we found rows and rows of tractors at annual The Williams Grove Historical Steam Engine Show.

I got so excited! I know, I am silly, but I just finished a section of my new book on agriculture and learned about steam engine tractors. Here were two rows of them. One gentleman even started his up and rode around the area while we checked out the others. 

In the shed nearby, I found what I thought was an ancient hay loader, an early plow, and a few more devices that my newly agriculture-educated mind did not recognize. Close to that, what looked like an early reaper sat enclosed in a wire fence. What a jackpot for someone like me!

The show will be there through Monday, September 4, 2017, if anyone else is a little nutty over history or tractors. The website,, has the details. The Steam Tractor Historical Society Facebook page has great videos of the steam tractors and of the sawmill that they run with a steam tractor.

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