Tuesday, August 26, 2014

PA State Parks: Greenwood Furnace

Up Big Valley through Belleville over the mountain down into the valley lies a unique slice of history, Greenwood Furnace State Park. My introduction to the place came as a child when we used to picnic and swim there. Little then did I realize the rich history of the place.

Greenwood Furnace State Park is located at the site of a charcoal-fueled iron furnace which operated from 1834 to 1904. Many of the original buildings remain. Walking the grounds and reading the numerous signs telling of each building’s history, one can almost imagine the sounds and sights of the 1800s operation. In addition, the visitor’s center shows a video and the museum adds even more to one’s imagination of what it had been like.

Each summer, Paul Fagley, the resident historian, offers classes for teachers to learn about charcoal burning and archeology. See my experience at the charcoal burn in my February 2014, Pennsylvania History Class 2 blog

Here are a few snapshots I've taken in the park:

Inside the museum, a wall mural of the original furnace building

What is left of the original furnace building

Ironmaster's Mansion

Church added in 1865

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